Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas is here again.

As you can see we are helping Mum make the house ready for Santa to come. There is a lot of shiny tinsel and lots of Christmas balls and, of course, the special tree.

Mum has delivered the annual Christmas lecture about the "Rules pertaining to Christmas Trees" complete with the associated by-laws which relate to parcels and dangly ornaments.
We paid strict attention to this lecture because we want Santa to know what good dogs we are. Last year we must have been amazingly good because at Christmas time we received an absolute bonanza of goodies.  I am still chewing on the remains of an enormous doggy candy cane that the Big Man brought for me.  I keep it out in the yard because Mum won't let me bring it in. She claims to be offended by its delicious aroma.

So, here we are being reindeer.  Heidi doesn't mind wearing the stupid glittery horns but I allowed myself to be photographed and then swiftly removed them. Dad suggested Mum put the glittery angel's halo on me but she said that would give the world a false impression of my personality. Huh? I don't understand that comment.

We have a tradition in our family that everyone has a Christmas ball with his or her name on it. They hang on tinsel near the stockings. This year we have added a new one for our new cousin, Bruiser.  He is a bulldog person who has a tendency to run underneath me causing me to perform my world famous vertical leap.  Dad says I am like an elephant with a mouse. I don't understand that comment either.

Anyway now the Christmas tree is standing in the corner of the lounge room looking beautiful (and out of bounds) and Mum has moved on to the family room with her decorations box.  Dad has decided it is time for lunch so, while he organises some food, which he will (hopefully) generously share with us, we are taking the opportunity to have a play.

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