Friday, 30 November 2012


Recently a new member was added to our family. Our humans, Katie and Todd, have now increased their family with one Australian bulldog by the name of Bruiser.
For a long time we were not allowed to meet him because he was just a baby and hadn't even had all his shots yet.  Apparently, until one has had all ones' shots one must avoid the company of other dogs.
A couple of weeks ago, however, Bruiser was brought over to meet us.  What a strange person he is!

He is like a little barrel with a curly tail and a squished up face.  He likes to swim, so his humans have provided him with a swimming pool. He lies in there on these hot summer days.  Am sorta jealous of that....I wonder if Santa might bring me a swimming pool?

Also he can skateboard.  This impresses me. I don't believe I am genetically suited to skateboarding because of my long legs. I think I would end up in a tangle but Bruiser just jumps on and off he goes....zoom.

He has one annoying habit, however; he likes to run under me.

I don't like it.

One minute I can see him and the next minute he is gone and then he pops up behind me.  Grrr!
All I can do is jump!  High!  Straight up! It's very annoying!

Heidi thinks it's hilarious. She runs around barking and that makes Bruiser all hyped up and then he starts zipping round, in and out and through my legs. Grr!

But, it seems he is family so what can one do?

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