Thursday, 1 November 2012

Home again.

Well, we have been back home now for several days and everything is back to normal.  We were extra specially good for a few days just to make sure we didn't get sent back to Kennel.  Not that Kennel is a bad just isn't home.  Home has Mum and Dad and schmackos and our cubby house beds and our toys and Otto the Rat next door and lots of normal smells that just aren't there at Kennel.  We are very relaxed and happy.

BUT......this morning a big box arrived with Post Office Man. It is in the hall. Mum hasn't opened it yet.  Heidi read the writing on it.  (Heidi is a very talented dog.).  It says DOG CRATE.  What the....?
What do we need a dog crate for?   We have our dog cubbies already. They are very comfortable and are great places to hide away when the nasty storms come round.  Mine is ever so slightly shredded in the front. You see, I got a bit frightened by a lightning storm and had to rip into something to release my fear......but it's still good....nothing that would warrant a DOG CRATE!!

Stand by for more information.  I am off to try to open that box.

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