Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mum's gone completely crazy.

As you know by now, the things my Mum does often confuse me. However, the last couple of days have been confusing beyond belief.

Usually Mum is very protective of her stuff. She collects it all up and puts it away in boxes or cupboards where Heidi and I are not allowed.  There are some things in the house that bring a stern, 'NO!' if one so much as sniffs at them.  We have been taught all about what things belong to humans and what things belong to dogs and how much more valuable human things are than dog things.

On Friday morning, a truck arrived on our driveway and deposited a big, brown bin right outside the garage. We thought this was most odd and gave it a good barking. It did not move.  So we gave it another good barking. It still didn't move so Heidi went to see Mum about it. Mum said we could have a look at it,  so when we going out for our walk we had a sniff at it and I stood up to have a look inside.
It smelt interesting but there was nothing in it. It was still there when we came home from our walk and a further growling from Heidi made no impact.

Then, while we were having our post-walk nap, the madness occurred. Mum started taking things out of the house and dropping them into the big, brown bin; cardboard boxes, a stereo system, a chair, the tv set that has been sitting in the garage for ages. all sorts of things.  Suddenly the things that she has always been so protective of were not required and out they went.  I was baffled by this behaviour.
I tried to save a cardboard box by sitting in it and was successful for about an hour but when I went outside to.....well, you know......Mum took the box out to the bin as well.

Heidi sat on the bed while Mum delved into the deep, dark recesses of the cupboard in the spare room.  More stuff for the bin; books, suspicious looking shoes, a cowboy hat, half a jigsaw puzzle......but then, she found something. It was green and she gave it to me.
 I studied it carefully.  Who knows what sort of things come out of cupboards. It looked like an ordinary ball but I had to be careful because I don't like squeaky balls.

So I slurped it. It didn't squeak.  Yay!

I decided it was safe to keep so after some consideration and a quick game of Catch with Dad, I have taken it out to my bed and hidden it under the rug so that Mum can't find it and throw it out with all the other things.

You never know what goes through human minds.  They are a very strange species.
I am going to have a nap now and hope that my new treasure will still be there when I wake up.

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