Monday, 14 January 2013

Moving sticks

When I was on my morning patrol, I saw something on the window sill. It was a stick. It was on the outside...just lying on the brick ledge.
I couldn't really get at it to brush it gently off with my big, furry, gentle (but extremely powerful) paw so I huffed on the window. That didn't really help because the glass just fogged up.  I licked the fog off the glass because Mum likes to be able to see out of the windows (I am so helpful) and then....I thought I saw the stick move.
There was a bit of a breeze blowing outside so I figured that the stick was being pushed by the wind did it again!  It moved!  Not just a blowing in the breeze sort of move but a sort of a walking it had legs.  No way!  Sticks do not walk!  I was I called Heidi.
Heidi said that sticks do not walk and that I should have a lie down......then the stick walked again.  It walked right up the window to the next ledge.  Heidi said it wasn't possible and she barked for Mum.

Mum came to have a look and she told us that it wasn't a stick. It was a creature that looked like  stick and that we had to leave him alone.  Creature indeed! We knew Mum was making up stories to trick us again. So we waited and we watched. The "creature" walked up to where the bug screen starts so that meant I could have a proper sniff and suss it out properly.

I sniffed. It froze. I sniffed again and it attacked me. It stuck one of its skinny little, able to fit through the fly mesh, stick legs right into my nose!! Well...the nerve of some sticks! I was furious and insulted and confused and my nose itched so I thumped the window.  The stick fell off and tumbled down to the ground. I was all ready to dash outside to finish the rotten little beast off but Mum was more interested in my assault on the fly screen.
Apparently fly screens should not be thumped with one's big, furry, gentle (but extremely powerful) paws.  Heidi decided to go for a nice lie down to consider the possibilities of walking sticks while I was told to stay on the mat near the door and calm down. Pfft!

The stick eventually walked its way across to the plants and disappeared into the bushes.  It thinks it has won the battle but nobody gets away with poking me in the nose.  This is not over.

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