Monday, 7 January 2013

Airconditioner versus Geckos

In our house, high up on the wall, we have this thing.

It is a blowing machine and we really like it. On those horrible, sweaty summer days we can lie in a wonderful cool breeze and snooze.  Mum really likes it too.  Mum is not a fan of the horrible, sweaty summer days either, so you can imagine her distress the other day when the breeze blowing machine became incontinent.  If Heidi and I did what it did on the carpet, we would have been in big trouble.
Fortunately, Mum and Dad knew that the puddle was none of our doing.

So, yesterday, two men came in a van to inspect the breeze blowing machine and make pronouncements on its state of health.....kind of like a visit from the vet.  They took it to pieces..took its white cover off and gave Mum a big pat on the back because the filter thingy was clean.  Apparently this is not usual. I wonder if I have a filter thingy and if it is clean?  I guess it must be.....if Mum looks after a machine's filter thingy, she would look after mine, wouldn't she?

The men poured water into the breeze blowing machine to see if it would pee properly, outside as it should.  It did, but not fast enough, so the tall man said, "Hmmm.....must have a blockage," and proceeded to spray some stuff down into the breeze blower's innards.  This caused about a trillion ants to come scurrying out of the pipe on the outside.  Ants, ants and more ants kept coming out. The two men became very excited by this but I was told to behave and sit quietly when I tried to be part of the excitement.  Where was Heidi while all this was happening? Why, hiding, of course. No help whatsoever.

The two men tried pouring water in again......still not an adequate piddle from the breeze blowing machine.  "Hmmm," said the tall man. "We'll have to undo the pipe."  So Mum and I went outside to watch while he took the cover off the wall and found the pipe.  He opened it up and guess what he found?

He found a big plug of gecko poop!!

The geckos had been using the breeze blower as a feeding ground because the ants had built their nest in the pipe.  So when the breeze blower tried to pee, it couldn't do it properly because of the ant's nest and the gecko poop.  Once that was all cleared out, everything was fine.  The breeze blowing machine could pee away to its heart's content and our peaceful, cool snoozes were ensured.

I relayed all this news to Heidi but she would not come inside while the two men were here.  She decided to bark at them from the garage instead.  How embarrassing! I offered to help the men with the cleaning up but Mum said it was probably a better idea for me to just stay with her. Mum likes to have me very close.  She needs my assistance in moments like this. I am such a comfort to her.

Now we are all comfortable. The two men have gone away. Heidi has come inside, inspected the work zone and pronounced it satisfactory. Mum has a cup of tea and we all relaxing in a nice cool room.

Life is good.  Note to self.....keep an eye on those geckos.

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