Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brave dogs

There is a big, huge, scary, loud storm called a cyclone at our place right now.  It is really, really wet underpaw and we are not allowed to go outside unless supervised by Mum or Dad.

There are lovely big puddles in the back yard that look just like a dog should go and jump into them.  Heidi is not interested. She doesn't like having wet feet ... unless she is chasing a duck into the Lake, which is an entirely different matter.

I love mud and puddles. Mum sees it as her personal duty to restrict my access to mud puddles for some reason.  I think it has something to do with my face plant into the mud at the puppy park and the resulting full body mud coverage.  She made me walk around the park on the leash until I was dry before she would take me home in the car and THEN I had to submit to a cold bath under the garden hose.  Talk about undignified!

So here we are, confined to barracks for the duration of the storm.  I don't really mind because the wind is sounding pretty scary out there. I don't like noises that come out of nowhere.  It is very confusing.

Mum has just taken us outside for the world's fastest toilet break after dinner......just enough time to do what was necessary with extremely urgent encouragement to 'hurry up, Trudy'.  We had to paddle out to the palm trees and find a good, above the water line spot there and get the job done as quickly as doggedly possible.  Heidi won the contest but only because I went to have a look at the puddles first.  Then we had to rush back inside for a towel down. Phew!

Mum has suggested that we get an indoor doggie toilet made of artificial grass and stuff for times like this.  I am appalled by this. It is the great outdoors for Heidi and me even if it means dealing with extreme weather situations.  We are very brave dogs.

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