Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Something is afoot!

The great detective Heidi Ho has announced to me that something is afoot.

I have been so busy being an OCD….Outstandingly Clever (and Beautiful and Busy) Dog...that I hadn't noticed what Mum has been up to lately.

In the garage there is an old book case. Mum keeps our cans of food on the shelves there. Usually,  when I use all my toes to count them, there are about four paws worth of cans there. HoHo says that is sixteen.  Well, right now, there are so many cans in there that we don't have enough toes to count them. We have used up all our toes twice and there are still more that that!!!!

                                                     Something is afoot.

Why has Mum started bringing home so much dog food?  Not that I am complaining, you understand. One could not possibly have too much dog food but this is definitely odd behaviour, even for Mum.

Heidi has wondered if we are getting another dog.  I don't think so.  What would Mum and Dad need another dog for when they have us?  We do our best to keep them on their toes.  What more could they possibly want from us?

Heidi says there are extra treat packets in the kitchen cupboards too.  Hmmmm.

                                                    Something is definitely afoot.

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