Thursday, 21 March 2013


Today is Friday. We like Fridays because Mum doesn't go to work. She stays home with us so we can go for a walk and have treats in the middle of the day. All good stuff!!
So today I thought I would do something nice for Mum.
You might remember that Mum has a thing about collecting all of our 'leavings' in the garden.  She really seems to enjoy picking them up each day. So I thought I would make it easier for her by putting my offering in a place where she would be able to find it easily and not have to go searching all over the yard.  I considered the issue carefully and decided to put my little gift right outside the laundry door so that, when Mum opened the door, there it would be.  How thoughtful am I?
So imagine my surprise when she didn't enjoy the experience at all.
She opened the door as I had anticipated she would. She stepped out and found my deposit.  Easy!
Is it my fault she stepped out without looking down?
Apparently it is.
Humans!  You just can't please them sometimes.

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