Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Big scary storms

We are not in favor of big scary storms. A bit of rain occasionally is okay but we definitely do not like the loud crashing storms that make the yard into a swimming pool.
Now, you would think that a pool in the backyard would be a good thing but, according to Mum, it is not. She dashes around making sure all the drains are draining and checking doors and windows for leakage and, of course, keeping us inside. Today the swimming pool came right up to the doorway and Mum wasn't very happy about it.
Heidi was in the walk-in cupboard so it was up to me to follow Mum around and keep her out of trouble. She was out in the rain (I wasn't allowed out!!!) taking sticks and grass out of the drain and complaining about her hair getting wet. When I barked a suggestion that I come out to help, I was told, quite rudely I thought, to 'Shut up!'.
So now, some hours later, we are not allowed out because of the wet yard. The swimming pool has pretty much gone away but it is still slushy underpaw. The rule in these circumstances is as follows:- When one goes outside and gets wet paws, one is then denied further access to the house until said paws are dry. So one finds oneself confined to the garage or the pool room.
Our friend Bonnie's Mum says that there should be gumboots for adventurous dogs.
Hmm....Heidi would wear them. I am guessing that Bonnie would wear them too. Well, not me!!!
I would have those things off my paws pronto! I am no soft wussy princess! I am a big brave tiger hunting dog. A bit of water doesn't worry me. I thought I would go out and check the palm trees for pussy cats and possums. That's why I am waiting in the garage for my paws to dry.
Humans and their understanding of the necessities of a dog's life sometimes.
Oh well, if I'm not allowed in the house, I'd just as well go and see how much of that swimming pool is left. Woof!

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  1. A gem on every page, Trudes you really are so much like the cheekiest kids in class, Bonnie the wonder dog is snoring her head off, it's been a huge day, and we have to head off on our pink chariot to see those enemies who are dog draculas, very early to avoid. A rain, B, heat, C both of above and D a cyclone..