Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stupid rain!

Stupid rain!  We are over it.....totally over it. 
No going for a nice long walk; just a quick wander in the park.  No playing outside in amongst the palm trees or sneaking under the hedge for a good bark at Otto, (aka The Rat), who lives next door. 
Everytime I do go outside for a minute, I have to have my feet wiped before I can come back inside.
I even got into trpuble for having mud in my ears this morning.  Well, how else was I supposed to fix an itchy ear?  You rub your head on the grass....everybody knows that!  It woasn't my fault that the grass was a bit muddy at the time.  Over it!!  Totally over it!!

Heidi has gone on strike and retired to the cupboard, only emerging if she hears the pantry door opening.
I am lying on the bed in the pool room looking out at the park.  No people to bark at.  No dogs to bark at. No birds sitting on the fence to bark at.  It seems that even stupid cats stay in when it is raining. Sigh.......What is a dog supposed to do? 

On the upside, there is a nice soft spot forming in the middle of the lawn which, if this rain keeps going for a couple of days, might turn into a puddly sort of slip and slide for us.  Hmmm.  Note to self: keep an eye on that soft spot.  Hope Mum hasn't noticed it.  She won't let us go out there if she knows it is there.
No idea of fun, these humans.  What could be better than taking a run up and sliding along on your belly through the soft squelchy grass until you hit the bushes under the white flowery tree?  Sheer bliss! 
Oh well, I might just have a snooze until Heidi comes out to tell Mum that it is time for dinner to be served.  By then the slip and slide might be ready.

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