Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spa Day

Today we spent the morning with Miss Anna at the Doggie Spa.  It is one of our favourite things to do.  Mum takes us in at 9 o'clock and picks us up at about 1 o'clock.
I don't know what she does in between but we have a great time.
First we have a bath.  Not just any bath but a bath with rosemary scented bubbles to help relax us.  I usually go first and Heidi watches and laughs at me and then I have to stand in front of a huge fan and blow dry while Heidi has her bath.

Then there is the brushing and clipping.  We were very woolly today.  Miss Anna said she cut off enough wool to stuff a dozen cushions.  There was a bit of drama when Miss Anna found a grass seed trying to burrow into my belly.  Yuk!  She had to pop it out and disinfect my tummy.  Disinfectant doesn't taste very nice when you lick it.  Mum has put some paw paw ointment on now which is much nicer to lick.

I got to lie on the 'waiting couch' while Heidi had her ears plucked.  Ouch!  Ho Ho is so brave.  I guess she is used to it.  Heidi's wool is curly and she grows  some back inside her ears so they have to be plucked or she will get ear infections. 

To finish off, if we have been well behaved, we have a little treat.  Miss Anna lets us snooze on the 'waiting couch' while we wait for Mum to come to pick us up.  Sometimes we are allowed to play with Miss Anna's little dog but that didn't happen today because of a slight accident.

When we arrived at 9 o'clock, Miss Anna's dog was so excited to see us that she ran around in circles in the back yard and slipped into the fish pond.  She was covered in smelly green weeds (fish like weeds in their ponds) and Miss Anna said she was not a good advertisement for the spa and put her in the laundry.  So no play time just snooze time.

Now we look like a pair of skinny minnies but we feel a lot cooler. 
Thank you, Miss Anna.  See you in April. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so embarrased, at least I have some fluffy bits, hope the local press dont get news of my mates with no clothes...oh I would just perish..poor mates xx

  2. No embarrassment here. We happily go strutting our stuff. But...we do NOT like to be without our collars.....totally that is embarrassing.