Thursday, 9 February 2012

Training Dad

This year Mum has been going out on some afternoons to help some kids with their school work. That means that she is not at home when it is dinner time.
Big problem! She is not at home and we cannot open matter how much some of us have tried. She is not at home so someone else has to be put in charge of feeding us....and the only available someone is...Dad.
This is not as straightforward as it might seem. Dad is not used to doing the dinner service so he does not automatically spring into action at 5.30 like Mum does. He seems to think that watching 'Deal or No Deal' on television takes precedence over our nutritional demands.
Therefore, a training program has been devised by Heidi to sort the problem out.
At 4.45 I go to Dad with the pulling toy and encourage him to play with us. He does.
At 5.00 Heidi goes to Dad and requests a neck rub. He rubs.
At 5.15 I go to Dad and put my head on his knee and gaze soulfully at him so that he can feel my starvation. He tells me I am a good girl.
At 5.30 Heidi goes to sit at Dad's feet using her very best and most perfect begging pose. He says how pretty she is and usually asks her if she is hungry. (Duh!!)
And then, if he doesn't get up and start serving.....I jump up onto the recliner chair with him and lie all over him so that he finally gets the message.
Yesterday, We only had to work through steps 1,2 and 3. Dinner was served at 5.20.
Another successful plan! Gosh, we're good.

And on a completely different subject.....

Freshly mown grass + rolling big blonde dog = big green dog! Fancy that!

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