Monday, 19 March 2012

Goldidog and the Three Beds

It was raining in the forest by the lake.  Goldidog looked out of the garage doorway.  She had had a busy evening scaring away pussycats and climbing up the fence trying to catch pesky possums but, now, everything was quiet. Mum and Dad had gone to bed.  Heidi was in the walk in closet fast asleep and, now, it was raining.  Goldidog decided it was time for her to go to bed too.

She tried the bed in the garage.
It was too cramped and draughty. 
Goldidog kept looking.

She tried the beanbag by the poolroom door.   It was too soft and scrunchy.  Goldidog kept looking.

She wandered around the house looking for just the right spot to sleep. 
She had been a busy dog and she needed a comfortable place to rest.
And then, there it was.....the perfect place!  The big bed in the spare room where Mum slept on nights when Dad snored really loudly.  It was perfect!  Soft, but not too soft. Cool but not draughty and so, so comfortable.  Goldidog hopped up and arranged herself in the middle of the bed....ahhhh, just right.
Goldidog slept soundly and woke up as soon as the first birds started to sing.  She crept quietly out of the spare room and curled up in the little bed in the garage.  She was very pleased with herself.  She had found the perfect place to sleep and no one would ever know.

Or would they?

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  1. Hehe! O Trudy you're a hoot! (I love the way you write Miss G! So engaging!)