Monday, 7 November 2011


Bro-mill-ee-adds are things Mummy has outside on the patio in big tubs.  She is strangely fond of them and spends time giving them water to drink and pulling out little weeds that pop up in the tubs.  Some of these bro-mill-ee-adds grow big red or yellow spikes and some of them just have teeny little flowers. 
What makes them interesting to me is that they just sort of sit in the tubs and are not buried in the soil like the others things in the garden.  This makes them easy to pick up and carry around....although they are a bit scratchy on the tongue.  Heidi and I play chasing games with them and toss them around the yard.  It's great fun!!
When we are finished, we just leave the  bro-mill-e-adds on the grass for Mum to find and put back in the tubs.  She doesn't seem to like doing this but, every time we play our game, she goes out and puts them back anyway.
Last year she tried hanging the bro-mill-ee-add tubs up on the fence but I figured out that if I stood up very tall and jumped, I could reach them. So she took them all down again and put the tubs back on the patio.
It has, however, become evident to Heidi and me that our time on that side of the garden is rarely unsupervised.  This has severely impacted on our fun and games with the bro-mill-ee-adds.
As I have previously stated, humans do not understand how to have fun like dogs do.


  1. Hey Heidi and Trudy, wow, you guys have been having fun, your mum seems to have mellowed out a bit, and not so cranky, hope all is cool in the "hood" have you been checking out the dudes ? or like me are you past that nonsense? I like that you take mums plants for a play, I used to do that with all sorts of stuff, my specialialty is tissues, I will go to great lengths to suss them out of mums bed, pockets etc, they are so yummy !! It was hot today, mum went off to work for a few hours, but when she got home she told me quietly "Bonzo we need to go for a blood test in the pink chariot at 8am" 8 AM I screamed..get outta here, I am still snoring then, mum reminded me it gets hot early and our chariot is not air conditioned..oh the incovenience of it all...hope you guys get better treatment, its just not at all fair !! All in all, dont tell mum, but I have been not feeling too well, and if you tell her she will cry again, she is such a sook, but I am working on getting better, really hard, because I know mum and dad love me to the moon and back, and want me here forever, so guys, while I am recovering from my bug, I am so glad to have your company, tell your mum I said thanks for the stories you write, you make our day happy, especially mum, she is such a cry baby, keep on mucking up, your mum needs it to keep her on her toes , woofncheerio for now Bonnie the wonderdog xx

  2. Hey Bonnie , Good luck with your blood test. Mums can be sooky sometimes, can't they. Our Mum still gets a bit like that when she tells us about some dogs called Juno and Bully who used to live here before us.
    Mum was abut cranky with us when she came home after her big adventure on the High Seas. She said we had forgotten our manners while she was away.

  3. As I said before, your mum is just like mine, they know nothing !! Thanks for being my friends what great mates you are, hope we get to play together and share photos, your mum rocks , but only when she plays our way !! woofnscruffn scratch xxxx