Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Snow in November

Today Mum did something really strange.  She was feeding papers to a little machine that chewed them up into long strips.  Then she put all the strips of paper into a big black plastic and tied the top up.  While Mum was putting her little machine away in the study, Heidi and I inspected the big, black bag.  Heidi said that it would look like a beanbag if it was lying down on its side.  So I pushed it over.
Then Heidi said that it really did look like a beanbag and she started to climb onto it but it made funny scrunching noises.  Heidi doesn't like funny noises because she is a scaredy cat so I decided to sort that black bag out once and for all.  Scrunchy noises don't worry me. 
The plan was to take a run up and jump on top of the big, black bag and make a comfortable nest out of it.
Well, the plan worked even better than I had expected.  I took a bit of a run up and jumped and landed on the big black bag exploded!!!  There was a lovely shower of long paper strips which then settled into a huge pile in the middle of the lounge-room.  Heidi and I could hardly believe it.  It was wonderful!!!  Heidi ate some of the strips (a fact not discovered until sometime later) and we had a bit of a wrestle in all the paper.  I was just enjoying a roll in the pile when Mum came back.  Heidi must have heard Mum coming because she had run off outside (This happens quite a lot, I have noticed.) leaving me to explain to Mum how the lounge-room came to be under a snow storm of paper strips.
And guess what?  Mum just laughed at me and told me I was a galoot...whatever that it. 

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