Monday, 31 October 2011

The dog on wheels

Our friend Bonnie is a dog on wheels.  She has not been feeling very well lately and she has to go to the vet a lot.  The vet said she shouldn't walk around, so her dad (Clever Wazza) made her a special chariot so that she can go places without walking .  Her mum just has to push the Bonniemobile, which is a girly pink, and off they go.
I might be able to put a picture here if Bonnie's mum says it is okay.
I hope Bonnie doesn't see any pussy cats or scrub turkeys that need immediate chasing or there might be some problems.  I know there would be if it were me in that chariot because a pussy cat must be chased.  That's a rule in my world and, as for turkeys, well, you know how I feel about them.  (Still sorry about that sore knee, Mummy.)  Perhaps Clever Wazza could motorize the Bonniemobile for those special chasing moments.  Just install a pedal or a pull device so that Bonnie could take off at speed after the offending cat/turkey.  Bonnie's mum would have to be on constant alert but mums are always ready for anything, aren't they?

But seriously, Heidi and I both hope that Bonnie gets better soon and that the chariot can be recycled.  Dogs aren't really meant to be on wheels, motorized or otherwise.
Get well soon, Bonnie Boo.


  1. Thanks Heidi and Trudes, I would love to become as famous as you two and have my photo on the internet ! I hope my mum can drive me to the docs tomorrow with out spilling me out of my cool pink chariot, mums a lousy driver ( but dont tell her I said that!) I am dying for a hair cut, but the silly doctors wont even let my favourite hair salon on wheels come and visit, stupid doctor, she's nice and cool...Well I had better go and have a snooze, thanks for thinking of me, say hi to your mum and dad for me, and thanks for thinking of me !!
    Love Bonnie Boo !!!!

  2. There! Trudy has managed to figure out how to put your picture in. Now you are famous too.

    Big slurps.
    Ho Ho and Troods