Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mud, glorious mud.

Today we went for a run at the puppy park.  We were the only ones there so we just raced around as fast as we could.  I am faster than Heidi because she has shorter legs.
The next thing I did was to look for the mud puddle near the drinking fountain but it has dried up. I was very sad about this because a good mud puddle is a true joy.

Last time we came to this park, the puddle was in excellent condition, all wet and squelchy and squidgy.
I tested it with my toes first, then slid in starting with my nose and rolling onto my right side making sure that my ear was fully immersed so that the cool mud went all the way in.  Bliss!
Next, over onto my back to give it the shimmy, shimmy whilst wagging my tail to deepen the puddle (for the enjoyment of the next user) and then onto the left side nose to tail. Outstanding! 

As I was enjoying a good shake, Heidi came over.  Heidi is not a fan of mud rolling.  She just likes the smell of the mud and usually has a drink of the lovely dark water.  She is such a princess!

Mum seemed to be enjoyed the moment too.   She was all excited and waving her arms and saying something that I couldn't hear because of the mud in my ears.  I was glad she was having fun too because mud is even more fun when you share it with your friends, so I jumped up to give her a cuddle.  We went straight home after that.

Quite unexpectedly, I had to have a bath when we got home.  It seems humans are not as fond of the delicious smell of mud as dogs are.  Is a puzzlement.

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