Friday, 21 October 2011

My Dad snores.

When I am asleep I have big dreams.  I dream about running and barking and chasing possums and playing with Heidi.  Sometimes, according to Mum, I make funny noises when I am little squeaks and barks or growls.  But the weirdest thing I have ever heard is the noise my Dad makes when he is sleeping.  He SNORES!!
Now, the other humans I know snore too.....even Mum snores (even if she says she doesn't)...but their
snores are whispers compared to Dad's snores.  Wow!  You can hear him rumbling away all the way down the hall. 
This interferes with my sleeping when I am on the mat near the patio door.  I like to lie there because I can keep an ear out for the possums running along the fence.  Last night the noise (of Dad not possums) became so annoying that I decided to find another place to sleep....somewhere comfortable with a view of the garden....somewhere like the spare room.  There is a nice big bed in there and I found that, if I positioned myself just right, I could see out into the garden to the left and also out onto the patio to the right.  Excellent!

But I wasn't the only one who needed to escape the dreadful rumbling.  I was sleeping comfortably when my collar was grabbed and I was hauled (most rudely, I thought) off the bed by Mum. 
No 'Move over, Troods' or 'Excuse me, Troods' just "Get off!'.  Seems Mum was troubled by lack of sleep too.
Wonder if it had anything to do with those little yellow rubber things that I found on her bedside table?  They were quite tasty.

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