Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello.  My name is Trudy and I am a big blonde dog.  My human, Mum, says I am a Groodle because my father was a standard poodle and my mother was a golden retriever.  I look like a big poodle but my tail is feathery like a retriever's. 

I live in Brisbane with my humans, Mum and Dad, and my 'sister', Heidi.  Heidi is a Labradoodle.  She has black wool and is not as big as me even though she is three months older than I am.  Heidi was already here in this house when I came so she is the top dog. 

I don't remember how I came to this place but Mum says I flew up from South Australia.  I know that can't be right because dogs can't fly.  I have tried to fly many times and I just can't do it so there must be some secret about where I came from that Mum isn't telling me.
Mum says Heidi flew here too but Heidi says she used to live in a place called Victoria when she was very small. One day she lay down for a sleep and when she woke up she was in the car with Mum. 
So I guess Mum is keeping a secret about Heidi too.  This is all very puzzling for me. 

Lots of things puzzle me and I like to try to figure puzzles out.  This often gets me into trouble because humans don't think the way dogs do.  Sometimes I wonder if they think at all.

Time to go because Mum is calling us and I think I can hear the leash rattling.  Ooh!  Maybe we're going for a walk......

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