Saturday, 29 October 2011

Heidi's turn

Hello this is Heidi, the smaller brunette dog. 
Yesterday 29th October was my little sister Trudy's birthday.  We did not celebrate very much because Mum forgot to take the birthday bones out of the freezer so all that happened was a few extra pats.  A pretty poor show, if you ask me.  Anyway, today, the bones are on top of the microwave defrosting slowly.  Mum has to put things up high or inside the microwave to defrost them because Trudy can 'find' them otherwise.  As Troods has grown bigger so the defrostables have had to go higher.
She has taken chops off the bench, chicken breasts out of the sink, steaks from the back corner of the bench behind the coffee maker and even eye fillet out of the frying pan. That was a good trick.  She waited till Mum walked away from the cooker to talk to Dad and then quickly grabbed the meat.  It was hot so she dropped it on the floor and had to get a better grip before taking it outside to enjoy.  She didn't share with me though.  Pfft!!!  Mum and Dad were not impressed....not impressed at all.

So now the birthday bones are up on the microwave which is just too high for Trudy to reach.  She is lying on the kitchen floor trying to figure out how to get them and I am just waiting patiently.  It is a warm day so they won't take long to get soft enough for us to enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Troods!

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