Sunday, 30 October 2011

The turkey made me do it.

Mummy has a sore knee.  She fell over and banged it on the hard road.  There was blood coming out and she had to put a bandage on it when we came home. Heidi and I are very, very sorry and we are trying to tell Mum that we didn't mean it.
You see, we were walking along as usual, just minding everybody else's business, sniffing each blade of grass and every tree trunk when, guess what we saw?  A scrub turkey!  I think I have told you about them before.  Stupid birds!  Anyway, we saw it before Mum did and that was the problem.
Heidi froze and leaned to the right really hard and I pulled forward really hard and then back-tracked around behind Mum so I could push Heidi forward too.  Unfortunately that meant that the leash was tied around Mum's leg and, so when I pulled forward again, I pulled Mum over onto the hard, hard road.
The turkey didn't care.  He just wagged his tail and looked at us most boldly. 
Heidi was barking and I was squealing with excitement but we couldn't do anything because we were all tied up in a bundle with Mum.  By the time she managed to untangle us, the turkey had run away and Mum said we had to come home because of all the blood.

So now Mum has a sore knee and we didn't get a proper walk.  I don't think Mum is very happy with us.
Sorry, Mummy.  It was all that stupid turkey's fault.

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  1. Hi guys, this is Bonnie Boo, I think your mummy should just be a bit more alert in future, mums are supposed to know everything I thought ! I hope you didnt laugh at her when she fell, that makes my mum even crazier ! Hoo roo pals, keep up the good work !