Sunday, 23 October 2011


I like to bark.  Yes I do.  I like the sound of my own voice.  It can be soft and caring, deep and delightfully fearsome, high pitched and excited or fast and furious.  What a talented dog I am!!!!!
Barking is also a very useful thing.
It can be:-
a)  a way of announcing visitors...(okay with Mum if done in moderation)
b)  a way of scaring off intruders..(also okay with Mum)
c)  a way of talking to Bundy who lives next door..(.not so popular with Mum but allowed sometimes)
d) a way of showing that I'm frightened...(Mum understands this sort of bark)
e) a way of saying that dinner service is late..(not appreciated in the slightest by Mum)
f) a way to join in local dog conversation...(also not appreciated by Mum)
g) a way to announce boredom.....( also not appreciated by Mum)
h) a way to wake people when they are sleeping..(definitely not appreciated by Mum)

It seems to me that humans waste too much time rambling on with so many different sounds when a bark can satisfy so many purposes.  Once again I believe that dogs are far more evolved than humans despite what Mark says about opposable thumbs.

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