Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Heidi is a scaredy cat.

Have I mentioned that my sister, Heidi, is a princess?  Well she is....and she is also a scaredy cat.  Last night was a bit showery so Heidi wouldn't even go outside for a pee because she doesn't like getting her paws wet.  When she absolutely had to go, she perched on the edge of the pathway and it was the fastest pee on record.  I just take my time and, if I get wet, then I just have a big shake and a roll when I come inside.  We have carpet inside so it is easy to get dry again. 

Then, later on, when it was bedtime, a loud storm came over and Heidi shot off the beanbag and went to hide in Mum's closet. I thought it was probably a good idea to go down there too.  I wasn't scared, of course, but I thought I should go and make sure that Mum and Heidi were alright.  (I am a big, brave guard dog and if I am shaking a bit, it's just because I am excited about having to protect everyone.)
So I lay down beside Mum's bed (she said she didn't need me to be on the bed) and it was just like when I was a little puppy and I used to sleep in a box beside Mum's bed.  Every so often she would reach down and stroke me.  I guess she was just checking to make sure I was still there if she needed me.
I'm glad I am sooo brave and not a scaredy cat like Heidi.

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