Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mice are not toys.

Mice are tiny little things that run around outside and try to steal the seeds from Birdie's bowl.  They can walk up the walls and jump across from the wall to Birdie's cage.  Birdie doesn't like sharing her seeds with them and whenever one comes into her cage she squeaks really loudly for Heidi and me to come. 
It is not easy to get a mouse out of Birdie's cage but Heidi and I have devised a system that usually works a treat.
I jump as high as I can (which is really, really high!!!!) and bump the cage with my head.  This makes it swing about madly and the mouse gets a fright and will usually jump out and onto the wall.  Then I keep jumping and make a lot of noise.  This makes the mouse jump down and run across the patio. Heidi can then catch it.
Well, usually, she catches it.  I caught one once with my paw but that was an accident.
Sometimes the mouse is too clever and runs along the top of the wall and won't come down.  We call this cheating.  It totally ruins the game. 
When Heidi catches the mouse, she walks around with it in her mouth.  She doesn't bite it, just carries it.....with the tail hanging out of her mouth because, if you carry it the other way around, the tail tickles your throat and makes you cough. 
One time Heidi brought the mouse inside to show Mummy. When she put it down on the carpet, the mouse ran around the lounge room and we had to catch it all over again. So usually, Heidi just carries it around for a while and then, eventually, just spits it out and it runs away.
Sometimes Mummy comes out and says, 'Put that down!  Mice are not toys!' 
Humans!  They think they know everything but, really, they have no idea.  Mice are great fun.

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