Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Our weekend away

Well, I was right.  The suitcases were a sign that Mum and Dad were going somewhere.  They went to somewhere called The Wedding and it  had something to do with the other humans in our family, Mark and Eliza.
Anyway, Mum took us to stay with Miss Angela at Kennel.  We tried to look scared and shivery but it didn't work.  She took us anyway......and we had a great time. 
It was a hot weekend and Miss Angela knows how dogs think.  She put the swimming pools out and we were allowed to play in the water and roll around in it as much as we liked.  There were two other dogs there, boy dogs, and I usually have issues with boy dogs but, since water was involved, I made allowances.  We had a ball.  We raced around berserkly, according to Miss Angela, chasing each other, jumping in and out of the water and created the best mud puddle ever.
After that Miss Angela put us all into the big washing area and let us play under the sprinkler to rinse the mud off.  It was wonderful and there was no soap involved. 
Then we had to wait for dinner because Miss Angela says you can't have dinner when you are 'overstimulated'.  This I do not agree with.  It was almost 5.30 which is when dinner is supposed to be served (well known fact).  Heidi said we should bark so I did.  Then the boy dogs started to bark and then Miss Angela spoke in a loud voice and told us we were being naughty.  Stupid boy dogs!!
We didn't have dinner until 6 o'clock!!!  Almost starved to death!
We only stayed for 2 nights and then Mum came to pick us up.  Now everything is back to normal.  Dinner is served at the right time but we don't have any swimming pools at home.  Must discuss this with Mum.  Hmmm.

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