Sunday, 13 November 2011

Too hot

It is too hot for a woolly dog.  I have tried lying on the tiles.  I have tried lying on the grass.  I have tried lying on my back with my belly open to the breeze should one pass by but I am still hot. 
On Wednesday we are going to visit Miss Anna who takes care of all our beauty needs.  She will wash us and clip us and, even though I will look like a Skinny Minny for a while, I will feel a lot better and the heat will not bother me as much. 
We have a lovely time at Miss Anna's.  There is a waiting couch for the dog who is not been groomed to lie on in comfort and sometimes there is another dog there to talk to.  Heidi enjoys going to Miss Anna too but not the ear plucking.  Heidi has very hairy ears and the wool grows right down inside.  Miss Anna has to pull it out or Heidi will get super wax build up and that is not good.
The only bad thing about Miss Anna's place is the pussycat who sits on the other side of the glass door and pokes his tongue out at us.  How rude!  Cats!  Who needs 'em?

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