Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This time it wasn't me.

Somebody broke the screen door!!   I know you are thinking it must have been me but it wasn't.  In fact I was way over on the other side of the house at the time.  I heard the big crash and I came running in to see what had happened.  Heidi was hiding (of course) behind a chair in the lounge and the screen door was lying down on the patio.  Mum went out to have a look at it and then she came back in and said, 'Ho Ho, what did you do?'  in her stern voice.  Heidi didn't hang around to give an answer. She shot off to hide in her nest behind the palm trees.
She is still out there hiding but I think she will probably come in for dinner time.  Maybe then she will tell me how she did it.....break the door, that is.  
Mum can't fix it so she is not very happy.  Maybe Dad will know what to do.  But the most important thing is.....IT WASN'T ME.   I am the good dog this time. 

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  1. Hey I think it was a cat, they are sneaky and spend their lives trying to upset us and birds too, we have a bird that likes to crash into glass, so maybe the cat was chasing the bird, either way, you guys are NOT to blame. Oh and I am feeling a bit better now, but hey its sure hot around here, phew, glad my mum keeps the cold thing on the wall going for me. Woo-Roof for now, your mate Bonnie